18s 8M400 8 Ohm

18s 8M400 8 Ohm
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The 8M400 is a high power, high output, 200 mm (8 in) midrange for high level professional use.... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 8M400 8 Ohm"
The 8M400 is a high power, high output, 200 mm (8 in) midrange for high level professional use. The excellent sound quality has been achieved as a result of extensive research on mid frequencies intelligibility. The 8M400 has been designed for use as a midrange in both horn and direct radiation, closer or reflex enclosures, as small as 3 lt. The curvilinear cone, made with a high damping wood pulp, has been designed to achieve the best possible linearity within its frequency range. The in-house developed cone treatment is a humidity repellent and also dampens the bell mode resonance significantly. The 51 mm (2 in) ISV aluminum voice coil assembly is wound on a strong fiberglas former to improve force transmission and power handling. ISV technology is based on a high strength fiberglas former with half the coil wound on the outside and half on the inside and bonded together using unique high temperature resin adhesives. The powerful magnet assembly assures high flux concentration. The force factor and power handling are at an optimum level. The direct contact between the finned basket and the magnetic structure significantly improves thermal connection and heat dissipation, further increasing power handling and lowering power compression. The copper shorting ring on the pole piece reduces inductance and improves transient response and phase control in the mid frequencies.


General Specifications

Nominal Diameter 200 mm (8 in)
Rated Impedance 8 Ohm
AES Power 250 W
Program Power 320 W
Peak Power 650 W
Sensitivity 100,5 dB
Frequency Range 120 - 6100 Hz
Power Compression @-10dB 0,5 dB
Power Compression @-3dB 1,6 dB
Power Compression @Full Power 2,7 dB
Max Recomm. Frequency 4000 Hz
Recomm. Enclosure Volume 2 - 10 lt. (0,07 - 0,35 cuft)
Minimum Impedance 6,5 Ohm at 25°C
Max Peak To Peak Excursion 13 mm (0,51 in)
Voice Coil Diameter 51 mm (2 in)
Voice Coil winding material aluminum
Suspension M-roll, Polycotton
Cone Curvilinear, Paper

Thiele Small Parameters

Fs 90 Hz
Re 5,2 Ohm
Sd 0,0227 sq.mt. (35,19 sq.in.)
Qms 6,2
Qes 0,28
Qts 0,27
Vas 16,2 lt. (0,57 cuft)
Mms 14 gr. (0,03 lb)
BL 12,2 Tm
Linear Mathematical Xmax ± 3 mm (±0,12 in)
Le (1kHz) 0,95 mH
Ref. Efficiency 1W@1m (half space) 98,1 dB

Mounting information

Overall diameter 210 mm (8,27 in)
N. of mounting holes and bolt 6
Mounting holes diameter 6 mm (0,23 in)
Bolt circle diameter 195 - 198 mm (7,68 - 7,80 in)
Front mount baffle cutout ø 186 mm (7,32 in)
Rear mount baffle cutout ø 184 mm (7,24 in)
Total depth 105,5 mm (4,15 in)
Flange and gasket thickness 14,5 mm (0,57 in)
Net weight 4,5 kg (9,93 lb)
Shipping weight 5,22 kg (11,5 lb)
Packaging Dimensions 235 x 235 x 150 mm (9,25 x 9,25 x 5,91 in)
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