18s 15LW1500 8 Ohm

18s 15LW1500 8 Ohm
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The 15LW1500 is a low frequency loudspeaker which sets a new industry standard in 15" (380 mm)... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 15LW1500 8 Ohm"
The 15LW1500 is a low frequency loudspeaker which sets a new industry standard in 15" (380 mm) high performance transducers,
achieving a remarkable 34 Hz downwards extension with 96 dB average sensitivity and handling peak power levels of 7000 W.
The 15LW1500 has been designed for use as a low bass or subwoofer component in either highly compact reflex, bandpass or horn loaded configurations. It provides clean, linear frequency reproduction at high power levels, as part of a compact high power fullrange system. In its reflex configuration, it can be used in extremely compact enclosures (75 lt) making it also suitable for portable applications, such as, road shows and bass musical instruments.
The low noise and high excursion capabilities of the double-action roll surround and suspension system, in conjunction with the Eighteen Sound Double Silicon Spider (DSS), enable the 15LW1500 to achieve very high levels of linear travel for a 15" unit.
The already low distortion and unmistakable sound quality of this loudspeaker is further improved using Double Demodulating Rings (DDR), designed to dramatically reduce the intermodulation and harmonic distortion while improving the transient response.
The 100mm copper voice coil employs the Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology, in which a high strength fiberglas former carries windings on both the outer and inner surfaces to achieve a balanced coil with a uniform distribution of mass and motive energy that results in an extremely linear motor assembly.
The carbon fiber reinforced straight ribbed cone assures smooth response and exceptional strength with maximum reliability under high mechanical stress.
Excellent heat dissipation has been achieved by incorporating air channels between the basket and top plate of the magnet. Further ventilation is provided using air vents in the back plate to direct air into the lower part of the voice coil gap.
Due to the increase in use of high power audio systems at outdoor events or in marine environments, the ability to perform properly under inclement weather conditions is a key feature in the Eighteen Sound philosophy. This has been achieved thanks to an exclusive cone treatment improving pulp strength which gives water repellent properties to both sides of the cone. In addition, a special treatment is applied to the top and back plates which is far more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts and oxidization than any other treatment in use today.


General Specifications

Nominal Diameter 380 mm (15 in)
Rated Impedance 8 Ohm
AES Power 1000 W
Program Power 1400 W
Peak Power 7000 W
Sensitivity 96 dB
Frequency Range 40 - 2000 Hz
Power Compression @-10dB 0,7 dB
Power Compression @-3dB 2,3 dB
Power Compression @Full Power 3,2 dB
Max Recomm. Frequency 500 Hz
Recomm. Enclosure Volume 70 - 140 lt. (2,47 - 4,95 cuft)
Minimum Impedance  
Max Peak To Peak Excursion 39 mm (1,53 in)
Voice Coil Diameter 100 mm (4 in)
Voice Coil winding material copper
Suspension Single roll, Rubber
Cone Straight ribbed, Paper

Thiele Small Parameters

Fs 34 Hz
Re 5 Ohm
Sd 0,090 sq.mt. (139,5 sq.in.)
Qms 11,5
Qes 0,29
Qts 0,28
Vas 195 lt. (6,9 cuft)
Mms 130 gr. (0,63 lb)
BL 22,1 Tm
Linear Mathematical Xmax ± 9 mm (±0,35 in)
Le (1kHz) 2,4 mH
Ref. Efficiency 1W@1m (half space) 96,2 dB

Mounting information

Overall diameter 387 mm (15,23 in)
N. of mounting holes and bolt 8
Mounting holes diameter 7,15 mm (0,28 in)
Bolt circle diameter 370 - 371 mm (14,55 - 14,6 in)
Front mount baffle cutout ø 353 mm (13,90 in)
Rear mount baffle cutout ø 357 mm (14,06 in)
Total depth 165,9 mm (6,53 in)
Flange and gasket thickness 24 mm (0,94 in)
Net weight 12,4 kg (27,37 lb)
Shipping weight 13,4 kg (29,58 lb)
Packaging Dimensions 405 x 405 x 214 mm (15,94 x 15,94 x 8,43 in)
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