18s XR1064

18s XR1064
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The XR1064 is a constant directivity horn with a throat entry of 1 inch. The XR1064 has been... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s XR1064"

The XR1064 is a constant directivity horn with a throat entry of 1 inch. The XR1064 has been developed to reach the optimum performance when it will coupled with one inch exit Eighteen Sound high frequency compression drivers.
All XR horn series have been designed in order to reach smooth driver frequency response, while maintaining constant coverage and directivity and eliminating the midrange narrowing and high frequency beaming problems common of many similar horns on the market.
 XR1064 has been made in die-cast aluminum in order to obtain the best performance under many point of view:

  • thermal: aluminum horns are capable to reduce up to 30°C the steady state compression driver working temperature at full power, when compared to equivalent size plastic horn. This gives lower power compression ratio (down to 1 dB) and higher driver power handling (up to 30% higher);
  • mechanical: no need for compression driver support (like brackets), and at the same time eliminate the problem of horn resonance with optimum waterfall and impulse system behavior.

The XR1064 shows nominal 60° Horizontal x 40° Vertical pattern control, providing consistent on-axis and off-axis frequency response from 1.6kHz to 16kHz in both horizontal and vertical planes.
Horn directivity is constant down to 1.6kHz.


General Specifications

Throat Diameter 25,4 mm (1 in)
Horizontal Coverage -6db 60° (20 - -10) average range (1,6kHz - 12,5kHz)
Vertical Coverage -6db 40° (40 - 0) average range (1,6kHz - 12,5kHz)
Directivity Index 11dB (1.8 - -2,6) average range (1,6kHz - 12,5kHz)
Usable Frequency Range Above 800 Hz
Recomm. Xover Frequency 1200 Hz or more
Sensitivity 110 dB
Frequency Range 800 Hz - 18KHz
Material Diecast aluminum

Mounting information

Net weight 0,75 Kg (1 lb)
Mouth Height 210 mm (8,3 in)
Mouth Width 210 mm (8,3 in)
Depth 110 mm (4,3 in)
Mouth mounting dimension 8 Ø 6 holes
Driver mounting Specs 3 M5 holes on Ø 57mm (2.24in) - 4 M6 holes on Ø 76mm (3in)
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