18s ND3N 8 Ohm

18s ND3N 8 Ohm
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The ND3N 1.4 inch exit Natural Sound neodymium high frequency compression driver has been... mehr
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The ND3N 1.4 inch exit Natural Sound neodymium high frequency compression driver has been
designed for high level sound systems application. The unit has been designed to fulfill tight
geometrical requirements, thanks to its ultra compact 109mm overall diameter.
In addition to the next-gen titanium diaphragm of the standard ND3ST version, our TPM nitrate coat
is applied, doubling the titanium stiffness and avoiding spurious resonances at very high
frequencies, assuring a 3rd harmonic distortion lower than 0.05% over the whole working range.
A proprietary treated Nomex former is used as Nomex shows a 30% higher value of tensile elongation
at a working operative temperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. Moreover, this proprietary
former material is also suitable for use in higher moisture content environments.
Despite of its compact size, the ND3N neodymium magnet assembly has been designed to obtain
20KGauss in the gap for major benefits in transient response. The motor structure, throughout the
precisely coherent metal alloy phase plug with 4 circumferential slots and copper ring on the pole
piece, reduces inductance effect and distortion.
The diaphragm kit self centering design allows high precision mounting and at the same time makes
very easy the servicing procedure.
The ability to perform properly under inclement weather conditions is a key point of the Eighteen
Sound philosophy. Hence, a special treatment is applied to the magnet and the top and back plates
of the magnetic structure in order to make the driver more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts
and oxidization. This treatment is more effective than any other coating commonly used.

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