18s ND2080 8 Ohm

18s ND2080 8 Ohm
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The ND2080 2-inch exit high frequency compression driver has been designed for high quality... mehr
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The ND2080 2-inch exit high frequency compression driver has been designed for high quality sound
systems application. The titanium diaphragm is produced in house and has been developed to
assure unmatched transient response. The diaphragm assembly is made by joining the former
directly to the titanium dome on its upper bend edge. In comparison with a usual straight former
joint, the driver design assures extended frequency energy transfer for improved response linearity
and unparallel reliability. This feature allows proper motion control of the dome in real working
conditions. A proprietary treated Nomex former is used as Nomex shows a 30% higher value of
tensile elongation at a working operative temperature (200°C) when compared to Kapton. Moreover,
this proprietary former material is also suitable for use in higher moisture content environments. The
ND2080 powerful neodymium magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 22KGauss in the gap for
major benefits in transient response. The motor structure, throughout the precisely coherent phase
plug with 3 circumferential slots and copper ring on the pole piece, reduces inductance effect and
distortion. Four top plate air ducts have been designed to act as a loading chamber for the
diaphragm, implementing mid band distortion and response figures. The custom designed O-ring
creates a tight seal between the plate and the cover assuring air chamber loading. Excellent heat
dissipation and thermal exchange are guaranteed by the direct contact between the magnetic
structure and the aluminum cover which leads to a lower power compression value. Due to the
increasing use of high power audio systems at outdoor events or in marine environments, the ability
of equipment to perform properly under inclement weather conditions is a key feature of Eighteen
Sound philosophy. Hence, a special treatment is applied to the magnet and the top and back plates
of the magnetic structure making the driver more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts and
oxidization. This treatment is more effective than any other treatment used by other manufacturers.

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