18s ND1480BE 8 Ohm

18s ND1480BE 8 Ohm
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The ND1480BE is a 1.4 inch exit, 3 inch diaphragm neodymium HF compression driver that has been... mehr
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The ND1480BE is a 1.4 inch exit, 3 inch diaphragm neodymium HF compression driver that has been
designed for high level sound systems applications requiring critical accuracy. The 75mm (3in)
diaphragm assembly is composed of a pure Beryllium dome attached to a proprietary treated
polymer suspension. With its high value of elasticity modulus, Beryllium is capable of double the
stiffness of titanium or aluminum with great benefits in transient response, efficiency and reduced
distortion. The piston frequency range motion extends frequency by 25%, showing a predictable,
ideal frequency response decay and avoiding high frequency spurious resonances while achieving
maximum sensitivity due to Beryllium's low mass vs. stiffness. An angled former edge-wound copper-
clad aluminum (CCAW) 75mm voice coil completes the diaphragm assembly. The proprietary treated
Nomex former material shows 30% higher value of tensile elongation at working operating
temperature when compared to Kapton. Moreover, this Nomex is suitable to work in high moisture-
content environments. The angled former to diaphragm joint in a sandwich configuration between
polymer suspension and the Beryllium dome assures extended frequency energy transfer for
improved response linearity, extended HF and unparalleled reliability. The ND1480BE powerful
neodymium magnet assembly has been designed to obtain 22 KGauss in the gap with major benefits
in transient response and efficiency. The motor structure, throughout the precisely coherent phase
plug with 3 circumferential slots (3P) and copper ring on the pole piece, reduces inductance effects
and distortion. The custom designed O-ring creates a tight seal between the plate and the cover
assuring optimal air chamber loading. The ability to perform properly under inclement weather
conditions is a key-point of Eighteen Sound philosophy. The special coating applied to the magnet
and the top and back plates of the magnetic structure makes the ND1480BE compression driver
resistant to the corrosive effects of moisture, salts and oxidization.

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