18s 6NMB900 8 Ohm

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The 6NMB900 is the evolution of the 6NMB420 neodymium midbass speaker. This new 6.5 inch... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 6NMB900 8 Ohm"

The 6NMB900 is the evolution of the 6NMB420 neodymium midbass speaker. This new 6.5 inch
neodymium midbass transducer has been designed for mid low frequency reproduction in system
designs where high intelligibility is required. 6NMB900 is suitable as mid-bass in line array systems or
multiple way systems with high-pass crossover above 200 Hz and low-pass up to 3kHz; enclosure
might be closed or vented with volume size starting from 2 lit.
The speaker offers a superb linearity: distortion values are further minimized by new enhanced
design criterias, taking the 6NMB900 to very high level of performance.
The extremely powerful external neodymium magnet assembly assures high flux concentration, low
power compression and excellent heat exchange. The levels of force factor and power handling are,
as a consequence, at the upper professional level with best power to weight ratio.
A consistent heat transfer is guaranteed by the encapsulation of the magnetic structure in the
interior of the basket, offering a large contact space between the back plate and the dissipating
Particular efforts were dedicated to the new surround shape and material design, in order to
minimize the resonances on mid range frequencies. The new multiroll design offers a consistent
damping to typical bell modes.
The 44 mm voice coil is made of light-weight aluminum wire and assures linearity and high power
The ability to perform in humid environments is a key feature of the 6NMB900: this is achieved
through a proprietary humidity repellent cone treatment.

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