18s 10W650 8 Ohm

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18 Sound’s 10W650 ceramic low frequency transducer is a 10-inch woofer that combines excellent... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 10W650 8 Ohm"

18 Sound’s 10W650 ceramic low frequency transducer is a 10-inch woofer that combines excellent
linearity with high power handling capabilities (700 W) and reduced power compression. The 65mm
(2.5 in) state-of-the-art voice coil assembly incorporates a fine edge-wound aluminum wire together
with a strong fiberglas former to get the necessary force factor, mass lightness and high power
handling. The voice coil is cooled using airways between the chassis back plate and the magnet face
plate, which allow heated air from the voice coil and gap to be channeled away and dissipated by the
chassis basket. This technology is another product of 3D CAD resource application by our engineers.
The magnetic structure has also been optimized using our in-house FEA CAD resource which has
maximized the flux density in the voice coil gap.
A distortion reduction system has been implemented using a demodulating ring for flux modulation
cancellation related to voice coil excursion. The cone is treated against extremely aggressive
environment conditions and is carried by a double half-roll suspension composed of a material which
is more resistant to aging and fatigue than traditional materials, providing the correct damping and
excursion control.

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