18s 15MB1000 8 Ohm

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The 15MB1000 is a 100mm (4 in) voice coil 380mm (15 in) diameter mid-low frequency transducer... mehr
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The 15MB1000 is a 100mm (4 in) voice coil 380mm (15 in) diameter mid-low frequency transducer
which has been created to meet requirements for low bass applications where a significant
extension in mid frequency is needed. It has been designed for use in compact reflex enclosures, in
two-way systems with 1.4" - 2" compression drivers and stage monitoring applications. 15MB1000 is
also suitable for horn loaded applications in multiway systems. The low profile, carbon fiber
reinforced, smooth curvilinear cone provides smooth response within its intended frequency range
and exceptional strength with maximum reliability under high mechanical stress. The copper shorting
ring on the plates has been adopted to reduce inductance and improve transient response.
Intermodulation distortion has also been significantly improved. The low distortion and unmatched
sound quality of the 15MB1000 has been significantly improved by the Double Demodulating Rings
(DDR) embedded in the pole piece of the magnetic structure. These have been designed to
dramatically reduce the intermodulation and harmonic distortion while improving the transient
response. The 100mm aluminum voice coil employs the Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
technology, in which a high strength fiberglas former carries windings on both the outer and inner
surfaces to achieve a balanced coil with a uniform distribution of mass and motive energy. This
results in an extremely linear motor assembly. Excellent heat dissipation has been achieved by
incorporating air channels between the basket and the magnetic top plate. Further ventilation is
provided using air vents in the back plate that direct air into the lower part of the voice coil gap.
Considerable attention has also been given to the design of the magnetic structure in order to
maximize flux concentration and force factor in the gap. Due to the increasing use of high power
audio systems at outdoor events, the ability to perform in adverse weather conditions is a key
feature of the 15MB1000. This has been achieved using an exclusive treatments which allows the
cone and the magnetic plate to resist corrosion whilst also rendering the cone water repellent.

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