18s 18NLW4100 8 Ohm

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The 18NLW4100 is a 18" (466 mm) ultra light extended low frequency loudspeaker,especially... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 18NLW4100 8 Ohm"

The 18NLW4100 is a 18" (466 mm) ultra light extended low frequency loudspeaker,especially
designed for use in vented enclosures. The loudspeaker is designed to withstand high power levels
without damage while providing clean and undistorted LF reproduction at a very high SPL. For
optimum results we recommend amplifiers able to deliver 3000 Watt program power. The
18NLW4100 features a unique motor featuring a high grade Neo magnet assembly in a structure
optimized for thermal and magnetic efficiency. 18NLW4100 features include a large displacement
suspension system which, in conjunction with a composite reinforced, straight ribbed cone, allows
an ultra-linear piston action and provides full mechanical control across the entire working range.
The 100mm (4 in) state-of-theart voice-coil utilizing Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV)
technology, provides high levels of thermal stability and durability. The ISV technology achieves a
balanced linear motor unit exerting an exceptionally high force factor.

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