18s 18NLW4500 8 Ohm

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The 18NLW4500 is a 18" (466 mm) extended low frequency loudspeaker, designed for use in vented,... mehr
Produktinformationen "18s 18NLW4500 8 Ohm"

The 18NLW4500 is a 18" (466 mm) extended low frequency loudspeaker, designed for use in vented,
bandpass or even horn loaded ì enclosures. The loudspeaker is designed to withstand high power
levels without damage while providing clean and undistorted LF reproduction at a very high SPL. For
optimum results we recommend amplifiers able to deliver 3600 Watt program power. The 18NLW4500
features a unique motor featuring a high grade Neo magnet assembly in a structure optimized for
thermal and magnetic efficiency. 18NLW4500 features include a large displacement suspension
system which, in conjunction with a composite reinforced, straight ribbed cone and the Eighteen
Sound proprietary SDR technology, allows an undiostorted ultra-linear piston action and provides full
mechanical control across the entire working range. The 115mm (4.5 in) state-of-the-art voice-coil
utilizing Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology, provides high levels of thermal stability and
durability. The ISV technology achieves a balanced linear motor unit exerting an exceptionally high
force factor.

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